Why natural deodorant is all the rage these days! (Plus my top pick)

First things first,

What’s the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant??

Simply put, deodorant controls odor, antiperspirant prevents sweat. The main ingredient in antiperspirant is aluminum, which clogs pores and prevents sweating.

Interesting fact: Sweat itself doesn’t cause body odor, but when mixed with the natural bacteria on your skin, it begins to produce an unpleasant smell.

Why people switch from deodorant with antiperspirant to just natural deodorant.

One big concern, aluminum, the main ingredient in antiperspirant that keeps your armpits dry. There have been concerns surrounding exposure to aluminum for a long time. It has been studied that aluminum exposure has been linked with the development of many types of dementia and, it also interferes with estrogen levels. Interestingly enough, whether you’re male or female, when your body can’t process estrogen properly, there’s a higher risk for breast and prostate cancer. Although studies around the long-term health risks are not yet conclusive due to lack of evidence.

What else you should know…

Aluminum isn’t the only ingredient you want to avoid when looking for a safer deodorant. Antiperspirants are also filled with harmful chemicals that have been linked to other health risks. Below, I have listed the harmful ingredients you should steer clear of at all costs!

  • Aluminum-clogs pores and blocks your body from sweating.
  • Fragrance-the word fragrance on labels can contain thousands of mystery ingredients and chemicals not listed individually. It’s a trade secret, so manufacturers don’t have to disclose what’s in it. 
  • Parabens-preservatives (gives products longer shelf life) that disrupt hormonal balances.
  • Triclosan-antibacterial chemical to kill odor.
  • Phthalates-chemicals that help smells stick to the skin but proven to be unsafe.

Why I chose to switch to natural deodorant

If I had the chance to improve my health just by switching to a natural deodorant and cutting the antiperspirant, why wouldn’t I?

  • Since antiperspirants prevent sweating, the sweat builds up beneath the skin potentially causing painful irritation and bumpy skin. My skin is very sensitive so, before I knew about laser hair removal, I would get horrible razor burn underneath my arms from using antiperspirant.
  • It’s really healthy to sweat. You’re supposed to sweat! Sweating regulates our internal temperature and its the body’s way of naturally detoxifying itself. Since I was little, I have suffered from hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by abnormally increased sweating so, I have always sweat A LOT! As I used non-natural deodorants with antiperspirant, I noticed one thing in common; due to the aluminum and chemicals in them, it was causing gross yellow sweat stains on all my light colored tops! Eww!
  • The fragrances used in antiperspirants would make my armpits itch all the time.

My advice is to ALWAYS look for ingredients you recognize!

Now, on to the good news! I’ve found a non-toxic, great smelling deodorant that doesn’t have antiperspirant and it actually works! Trust me when I say, it keeps you smelling fresh during sweaty workouts, stressful work days, job interviews, and even those anxious first dates. It’s called Primally Pure Deodorant! and it’s the ONLY DEODORANT that has worked for me.

I have fallen in love with the scent Blue Tansy Deodorant because it powerfully combats inflammation, calms irritation and is potent in skin soothing properties.

Ever since changing to Primally Pure deodorant, my armpits are free of clogged pores, irritation, allergies, bad bacteria growth and body odor!

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