Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Shaysdayys! Thanks for stopping by! 

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with you all. I’ve been working as a certified Pilates, Dance, and Barre instructor for over 10 years in Southern California.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with many incredible people both personally and professionally throughout my career.
After many requests for fitness advice, healthy eating habits, must have beauty products, and self improvement tips, I’ve decided to start a blog.
Through ShaysDayys I will be sharing:
  • Simple & healthy recipes
  • Exercises and workouts that actually work
  • Amazing skincare products
  • How to stay positive 
  • Collaborations with influential industry professionals 
  • My favorite seasonal things to do and buy
I hope this blog inspires you and is a fun place to visit! So here goes to sharing my life with you all and nothing is off limits 🙂

8 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Congratulations, Shay! Looking forward to keeping up on your journey through your blog.

    Love & Blessings,

    Heather & Mason

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