Pilates Body in 55 Minutes!

What is Pilates?!

Pilates is a low impact, full-body workout that strengthens and stretches the entire body with a deep focus on the core. Pilates creates long, lean muscle definition, better posture, and flat abs!

No wonder why everyone is applauding this workout including me!

I’ve been taking Pilates since I was 14 years old. Pilates changed my life for the better! My flexibility, strength, posture, and balance improved dramatically. Aside from also losing weight, every muscle in my body became more defined by taking Pilates. I developed a strong, toned, and proper aligned body.

Pilates not only improved my body but it improved my mind. I fell in love with the results which made me look and feel better. I can confidently say, Pilates enhances mood and energy. For those that don’t personally know me, I absolutely LOVE workouts that actually shape your body for the better. Pilates was it for me!

My passion for Pilates turned into a life-long career that allows me to work with people of all ages and all fitness levels. I feel so lucky to do what I love and witness my students life-changing results from Pilates!

Want to join my Pilates classes?

I teach a 55 minute Pilates reformer class every Wednesday 5pm and a Pilates mat class every Wednesday 6pm at YogaWorks Newport Beach! I’m also taking on NEW CLIENTS to sign up for Pilates privates. Privates gives the student undivided attention while assessing skill and ability level. If you’re interested, please email Shaylene07@gmail.com with a subject title: YogaWorks Pilates Sessions

*All NEW students receive 15% off our 10 class and 20 class Pilates reformer programs at Yogaworks Newport Beach! 🙂

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