My Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

At the beginning of March, my family threw me a beautiful bridal shower at my in-law’s house in Newport Coast. Before I was even engaged, I always knew I wanted a “tea party” themed shower with my closest friends and family. On March 1st, that’s exactly what I got, an intimate and gorgeous Chanel inspired tea party bridal shower! 

I’m sharing all the detailed photos and memories below captured by my amazing photographer, Megan Claire + Co. I highly suggest steeping some delicious tea and snacking on a scone with cream and jam as you browse my day! 

For those looking for a professional and outstanding caterer to cater your next event, we used Three Pug Bakery & Catering located in Orange County.

The dress is from BHLDN

How gorgeous does my Mom look?!

My future mother-in-law!

The lounge and seating area

Bon Apetit!

My amazing friends

It’s in the details



My Grandmas!


Planning a bridal shower isn’t easy. Honestly, it felt like a second wedding. Luckily I had the help of my Mom and future Mother-in-law to make it easier. We also had the weather to deal with and there must have been divine intervention because it started to pour just as all the guest left. Great timing!

10 points of advice

  1. People might not show up or cancel last minute, that’s OK. The party must go on!
  2. Make sure you keep track of your gifts for Thank You notes.
  3. I chose not to open gifts until I got home later so I could be more present with everyone and not make people feel uncomfortable.
  4. Be flexible. Not everything goes according to plan.
  5. Enjoy the moment instead of worrying about every detail. Stay present.
  6. Make sure your fiance is there at the end to help carry gifts and clean up 😉
  7. I decided to hire a photographer and it was such a good idea. This way I could focus on the party and not pulling my phone out every 3 seconds.
  8. I also had my hair and makeup done professionally. This definitely alleviated stress.
  9. We used paperless post for invites. This makes it easier to communicate with all the guests and its cheaper than paper.
  10. Pick some fun games to play. But, not too many, it may be overkill.

Me and my future hubby 😍

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