How I found my FOREVER!

I’m so excited to share the news with you all that on 9/7/19 I got engaged!

How we met…

As traditional meetings are becoming less and less frequent these days, we met on a popular dating app called Bumble. Unlike other dating apps out there, once two people “swipe right” on each other, a match is made. What makes Bumble unique is that after the match is made, the girl has to make the first move and send a message in the first 24 hours or else the match disappears. Under these conditions, we knew fate was on our side.

Here’s how it all went down…

I was in LA one weekend visiting my family and friends when they encouraged me to try online dating since I didn’t care to spend my weekends searching for “Mr. Right” at bars or lounges. They asked for my phone, downloaded Bumble, created my profile, uploaded a few good photos of me, and started swiping away. My now fiance was one of the guys they swiped right on and had a conversation with as if it were me. It wasn’t until a day or two after when I was back in Orange County that I actually went on the app to look at who they were messaging. Adam’s responses definitely stood out to me in a positive way as opposed to the other guys thoughtless messages. It was clear what those other guys were after and it wasn’t my heart. Adam on the other hand sounded sweet, respectful, educated, and not boring! His messages were genuine and thoughtful. After I felt comfortable, I gave Adam my number and instead of sending me a text, he called me! Major points to a guy that calls you first rather than receiving a “Hey, what’s up?” text. The old fashion, hopeless romantic inside me loved the phone call gesture. Swoon!!

First Date… 

Our first date was unique according to the “standard” drinks or coffee first date. Because we spent a good amount of time getting to know each other first, Adam wanted to make the date special and memorable. We met close to Adam’s house and he had a full picnic packed. Adam had picked up sushi and poke from a local fish market called Bearflag and that was accompanied by a bottle of red wine, candles, his Bluetooth speaker to set the mood and of course, a beach blanket. We walked down to a quiet beach in Corona del Mar and it was love at first sushi roll. We chatted about everything from work, family, goals, travel, and hobbies. It was the most refreshing and comfortable first date I had ever been on! From there, we spent almost every day together. Let’s just say it was the beginning of my HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!

The proposal…

Since we had our first date on the beach, it was Adam’s idea to propose in the exact same spot where we fell for each other. He called my friends and family to make sure they would be there to see the proposal. We had talked about going on a walk that evening to take our dog, Poppy, to the beach which we hadn’t done in a while. I had been out all day running errands and Adam had to beg me to go on the walk but, he was successful in convincing me. We walked down to the beach and Adam brought me over to a beach blanket that my friends had set up with yellow roses and champagne. Then, BOOM, he got down on one knee, just like I imagined it as a little girl, and popped the question. I had no idea what was going on and then it clicked. I erupted in tears and exclaimed, YES! My friends and family popped out from where they were hiding behind some rocks to surprise me. The night couldn’t have been more special. It was so meaningful to have him propose where our love story began. Having my family and friends there to witness the biggest dream of my life come true was heartwarming. 


To all my single girls out there, this amazing story can happen to you too! Don’t give up on love and your dreams to find your soulmate. If you haven’t tried online dating, I highly encourage you to forget all the negativity out there and do it! Finding love isn’t easy, it doesn’t happen over night. If you put in very little effort you probably won’t see results as with most things in life. Love is out there, now it’s time to find it!

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