Glamping at Mendocino Grove

Mendocino grove is the perfect getaway for someone who wants the camping experience without the hassle!

At Mendocino Grove, you have your own dog friendly campsite with a fire pit, picnic table, hammock, and of course a ready to go tent! This is no ordinary tent though, it feels more like a rustic hotel room. The tent is equipped with a queen size heated bed, electricity, a vanity mirror, towels for the shower, and plenty of wool blankets for you and your pup. To top it off, they provide an LED lantern so that you can move about the campsite at night and still see.

The campsite has a few common areas to interact with other campers including a 24 hour tea bar.

The common areas also include full service bathrooms with hot indoor and outdoor showers. If you forget your shampoo, conditioner, or body wash, not to worry, Mendocino Grove has you covered with EO Marin bath products.


Outdoor Showers


Even though you are in the wilderness, hunting and gathering is not a requirement! You have a few great options when it comes to meals. You can bring your own food to cook on your fire pit or the gas grills around the property. Firewood is available for $10 a bundle. If you find yourself craving some sweets, Mendocino Grove has cute smore’s kits for only $12. For the people that don’t wish to cook, the town of Mendocino is a mile away and has many food options. I have listed some of my favorites below.

Hiking Trails

I highly recommend hiking Mendocino Headlands Trail where you will explore the beautiful coastline. It is the perfect trail to enjoy a morning walk or jog. The 2.5 mile trail that boarders the ocean is picturesque and there are many excellent spots to snap that perfect photo for your #gram. You can also catch the sunset after a delicious dinner in the town.

Overall, I had an amazing experience camping at Mendocino Grove. There is nothing like unplugging near the ocean surrounded by redwoods and tons of fresh air!

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